The Staff of Mass Spectrometry Services welcomes you!

Dr. Kari Basso – Director of Mass Spectrometry Services

Take a Virtual tour of MSREC! 

Congratulations to our own Dr Manasi Kamat for winning the Females in Mass Spectrometry Empowerment Award!!!

NOTICE!  In-person self-operation  is now open.  Reserve your time on the calendar!

Welcome to the University of Florida Department of Chemistry Mass Spectrometry Research and Education Center. Our goal is to provide a valuable resource to complex research needs through access to a wide variety of mass spectrometry instruments, bioinformatic tools and highly trained staff. We offer both routine services and advanced research based projects. Please contact Dr. Basso (fkn Kari. B Green) for information on samples or projects. We look forward to serving your mass spectrometry needs.  A list of just some of our services is described below.  See MSREC Services for more detailed information.

  • Accurate Mass
  • Analysis of Intact Large Biomolecules
  • Proteomics
    • Modification Analysis (PTM, mutations etc)
    • Shotgun Analysis
    • Protein Complex (IP)
    • Label Free Quantitations
    • SILAC
    • Targeted Proteomics
    • Discovery Proteomics
  • Metabolomics
    • Targeted Metabolomics
    • Discovery Metabolomics
  • Lipidomics
  • GC-MS
  • LC-MS and LC-MS/MS
  • Polymer Analysis
  • Training/Self Operation
  • Sample Preparation


  • MSREC is pleased to announce the installation of a new Bruker Autoflex LRF.  This instrument is capable of MALDI imaging (molecular tissue imaging).  This instrument is also available for training for self operation!

Bruker Autoflex LRF installed fall 2018

  • The new Q Exactive HF Orbitrap is installed and running real samples!!  Come check out the lab!  In one year we have $1.5M of new instruments! 
  • The submitted proposal NIH S10 OD021758-01A1 Titled “Acquisition of a Q Exactive HF Hyrbid Quadrupole-Orbitrap” has been awarded to the MSREC!!!  Stay tuned for installation dates! 
  • The MSREC is excited to announce the installation of a Bruker Impact Qq-TOF Ultra-high resolution LC-MS/MS system
    Stop in a see our latest installation.  Finally we have ultra-high resolution LC-MS/MS capabilities in the Mass Spectrometry Facility!   We are already running samples and projects on it. 
  • We have installed autosamplers on the LCQ DECA and the DSQ GC-MS

    Now you can load up to 100 samples and run overnight and improve reproducibility in your data! 

  • Did you know we have two instruments available for self operation?!

    The Autoflex MALDI and Agilent TOF are all available for self operation after training.

  • Now Offering Protein Sequencing & Other Proteomic Services

    We have expanded our services to include proteomic experiments utilizing our new Thermo Scientific Q Exactive HF Orbitrap with a Dionex nanRSLC. The service includes sample preparation, gel electrophoresis, sample digestion, LC-MS/MS and the bioinformatics (database searching, PTM analysis, etc).  Both qualitative and quantitative analyses are available 

  • SDS-PAGE Services

    We are now offering 1D SDS-PAGE for protein separation before protein sequencing as a new service.