Bruker Impact II QqTOF

Bruker Imapct II UHRQqTOF – This the newest installment to the lab.  This is a Ultra-high resolution quadrupole time-of-flight for LC-MS and LC-MS/MS for samples requiring high-resolution analysis (> 60,000). Ideal for complex mixtures and intact mass of large proteins.  It also comes equipped with a Dionex UPLC that can run both in UPLC and HPLC mode.  We also have the ability to switch between nano-flow and capillary-flow. 

impact-IIQTOF Web site_2QTOF Web site

Here we show an example of a LC-MS/MS of a tryptic digest from a complex protein mixture.  The second image is of intact protein lysozyme showing the 9th charged state isotopically resolved.