Bruker Autoflex LRF MALDI TOF

Bruker Autoflex LRF installed fall 2018

Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization is a soft ionization technique.  The sample is mixed with a matrix (small organic molecule that absorbs at the laser’s wavelength) in a common solution.  1 uL of the sample is spotted on the plate and allowed to dry which cause the matrix to crystallize and the analyte is embedded in the matrix.  Here we use a nitrogen laser (335 nm) on the sample spot which causes the desportion and ionzation event.  The ions are analyzed by time of flight mass analyzer.
The Autoflex offers high resolution (reflectron mode for compounds less than 5,000 Da) and low resolution (linear mode for compounds greater than 5,000 Da).
MALDI is ideal for polymers, peptides, intact proteins and a wide variety of compounds. This instrument is available for self-operation after training.

MALDI Imaging data of a proteins from mouse brain


MALDI plate with samples spotted. Samples are mixed with a matrix and co-crystallized onto the plate for analysis