Submitting Samples and Rates

Instructions for Submitting Samples to the Mass Spectrometry Facility

  1. If you do now know what kind of service you need please contact Dr. Kari Basso .
  2. Download/save to fill out a service request form (please type the information directly into the form): To type directly into the form you can save the file and when you open it in Adobe Reader you should have the ability to type in the forms. Or you can open it from the web using Adobe Acrobat Pro and type in directly.
  3. ON CAMPUS  Please download/save if you are affiliated with University of Florida.
  4. OFF CAMPUS Please download/save if you are an Off-Campus user.
  5. SELF OP  Please download if you are a Self-OP user.
  6. You have the ability to insert your structure directly as a image (jpeg tiff etc). Download the Service Request Form.  Save your Chem Draw as an image file. Click on the Image icon and and follow the guidance in choosing the image to insert. If you only have Adobe Reader you will be able to type in the form fields but not insert an image. You will need to attach your image on a separate sheet.
  7. Please fill the form out completely and with as much information as possible about your sample. You may use one form for several samples submitted at the same time if you prefer. After you fill it out, you can save the file by selecting “File”, “Save As”.
  8. Print the form when you are done or email it to Dr Manasi Kamat.
  9. Bring the printed form and the sample(s) to the UF Chemistry Laboratory Building (CLB), room 101, between 9 am and 4 pm weekdays.
  10. If you are mailing the samples, please use Fed-Ex or UPS as a carrier and ship the form and samples to:

    Dr. Kari Basso
    1680 Union Rd
    126 Sisler Hall/Department of Chemistry
     Gainesville FL 32611

  11. All data is stored electronically. We will email results to you.
  12. Samples will be discarded unless requested to return.
  13. Please read

Minimizing Contamination for Successful MS Results


*Rush Charges are 3 x standard published rates

  Unit UF Non-UF University/Govt Industry Description
Molecular Weight/Chemical Formula Determination

Ultra-high resolution accurate mass (Impact)


$45 $55 $135 Sub-ppm accuracy.   MS/MS for structure determination.   Can be used with Smart Formula to identify molecular formula for true unknowns.
Nominal mass or molecular formula matching (Agilent, MALDI) Sample $35 $45 $105 Molecular formula matching to predicted molecular formula to within 10 ppm (Agilent, MALDI) or nominal mass MS/MS (LTQ-XL)

Metabolomics/Small Molecule


GC-MS Method Development

Project $150 $185 $450 Method development for GC-MS projects using standards.
GC-MS or DIP Injection $30 $40 $90 Standard GC-MS
GC-MS > 10 samples Injection $25 $30 $60 Bulk rate for higher-throughput projects
LC-MS method development Project $350 $420 $700 Method development for LC-MS projects using standards.
Low resolution LC-MS (LTQ) Injection $60 $70 $180 LC-MS or LC-MS/MS on the LTQ-XL with a standard gradient. SIM scan, full scan, data-dependent scans available on the LTQ-XL. 2.1 mm column recommended

Low resolution LC-MS > 10 samples (LTQ)





Bulk rate for higher-throughput projects.

Medium Resolution LC-MS (Agilent TOF)

Injection $80 $100 $240 Medium resolution (15,000 – 20,000) on the TOF.  UV detection availalbe.
Medium Resolution LC-MS > 10 samples (Aglient TOF) Injection $60 $70 $180 Bulk rate for higher-throughput projects.
Ultra-High resolution LC-MS (Impact, Orbitrap) Injection $120 $175 $360 Ultra-high resolution (less than 2 ppm mass accuracy) capillary flow LC-MS (300 um column 5 ul/min flow rate). Nano-flow is available.
Ultra-High resolution LC-MS (Impact) > 10 samples Injection $100 $150 $300 Bulk rate for higher-throughput projects.

Data Analysis and Bioinformatics Metaboscape 4.0 Simlipid

Project $200 $300 $600 Quantitative Analysis including PCA, volcano, t-tests.


Training/Staff Time Hour $35 $45 $105 Training, sample prep, complex data processing, bioinformatics.
Self-operation MALDI Hour $15 $18 $45 Requires training. Billed at 30 minute minimum.
Self-Operation Flow injection on Agilent or QTOF Hour $75 $85 $150 Requires training.  Billed at 30 minute minimum.


1D SDS PAGE and coomassie stain 10 well Gel $60 $70 $180 1D-SDS PAGE, up to 12 samples per gel. Standard coomassie stain.
Albumin removal/phosphopeptide enrichment Sample $50 $65 $150 Sample preparation
Cell lysis/protein/lipid/metabolite extraction Sample $50 $65 $150 Sample preparation
Total Protein quantitation (Qubit) or total Lipid SPVA Project $75 $90 $225 Sample preparation
Standard Protein Sequencing (solution or gel band) Sample $120 $150 $360 Includes enzyme digestion, LC-MS/MS on QE Exactive and bioinformatics.
Standard Protein Sequencing > 10 samples Sample $100 $120 $300 Bulk rate for higher-throughput projects.

PTM or quantitative analysis (in addition to LC-MS charge)

Proteome Discoverer or Scaffold

Sample $200 $300 $600 In-depth bioinformatic analysis to determine protein modifications or protein quantitation.
Complex Protein Sequencing (whole cell lysates) Sample $190 $230 $570 Digestion, LC-MS/MS and bioinformatics 2 – 5 hour gradient on the QE
Complex Protein Sequencing > 10 samples Sample $150 $180 $450 Bulk rate for higher-throughput projects.
Additional enzyme digestion (chymotrypsin, AspN, etc) Sample $50 $60 $150 Additional enzyme digestion beyond the one included in the standard protein ID.
Desalting Protein/DNA Sample $25 $35 $75  

* Rush charges are 3x standard published rates.